Founded in January 2017, the Hong Kong Mini-Storages Association (HKMSA) represents the interest of mini-storages industry. Our members are mainly industry representatives, accounted for two-thirds of Hong-Kong mini-storage companies. With the objective of increase the coherence of the industry, HKMSA is determined to promote industry standard in safety, facilities and quality of service aspects. HKMSA is determined to improve the efficiency of mini-storage service and improve safety standard to solve the most challenging issue in Hong Kong, the demand for space.

The Structure:

Chairman: Mr. Peter Hung (Apple Storage)
Vice Chairman: Mr. John Lau (Joe John Easy Storage Solution Limited)
Treasurer: Ms. Erica Hui (Lucky Storage)
Secretary: Mr. Gary Wong (EStorage)
Other Directors: Mr. Eric Yeung (Bluedoor Storage)
 Mr. Dickey Chan (Easy Storage)